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Website Design
Performer - Choreographer  
Maria Nurmela


Website design for the internationally awarded contemporary dancer, choreographer, performer and Feldenkrais® practitioner Maria Nurmela.

Maria  Nurmela has worked in various contexts, including stage performances featured in major festivals, short films, digital projects, museum events, and public engagement initiatives. These include prestigious venues like Critical Path Sydney (2019) and Palais de Tokyo Museum Paris (2018) and as the first-ever performance in the new House of Arts of the City of Turku, Finland. She collaborates regularly with Finnish filmmaker Vesa Loikas, and their short film "ECHOES / Kaikuja" was nominated for the Prix Lumière Prize 2022 at the Cinedansé Festival in Quebec, Canada.

Maria's artistic endeavors frequently integrate somatic-informed and interdisciplinary practices, showcasing her commitment to innovation. Site responsiveness, visual elements, and set and lighting designs, often crafted from recycled materials, are integral to her creations. Her works aspire to establish a profound connection with a diverse range of humanity while acknowledging and considering non-human entities.

Since 2017, Maria has been leading and touring internationally with "The Days Project" alongside Finnish dance artist Ville Oinonen and English choreographer and designer Theo Clinkard.  The project aims to engage with local communities and break down hierarchies between performers and movers. You can read and see more about the project on Maria's website! 

Maria´s engagements as a performer within contemporary dance and theatre include works with Susanne Linke, Susanna Leinonen Company, Yuval Pick, Ip Tanz-Ilona Pasthy, Kolmas Tila Theatre, Helsinki University Theatre,  Duv Teatern and many others. Her longest artistic engagement has been with Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen.
In addition to her work as choreographer, performer and  freelance dance artist, Maria Nurmela teaches contemporary dance, movement, dance pedagogy, and is a Feldenkrais® practitioner.

Language versions: English

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From the dance film and performance 'ENTAGLEMENT" by Maria Nurmela and Vesa Loikas, 2024.
Photo: Vesa Loikas

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